We have many clients who are active in the property world and this page aims to provide a place where you con find information about property ownership and development and how it is dealt with from a tax point of view.

No matter how you prefer to invest in property, Stewart & Partners can provide everything for your needs. We offer advice and accountancy services that are tailored specifically towards each type of investor, landlord or developer so they feel confident with their decisions and tax compliance obligations - whatever the situation calls for!

We have split property ownership into different types of holding. A summary of each type can be summarised here:

Our team of property tax accountants are ready to help you buy your first property or make the most out of any existing business property. Get in touch and we’ll start guiding you on your tax-efficient journey.

We have produced helpsheets to provide guidance on various areas of property investment, buy to let and development. Feel free to download them from our helpsheet page. If you require additional assistance after reading the guidance we are happy to work with you.

We produce a monthly newsletter for our Property Group. To sign up to receive the newsletter just follow this link.

We also realise that you may need to have an indication of your tax liability for certain circumstances. We believe that these calculators will prove useful. However please check with us before deciding to use the final figures as there are some instances where you may not have brought in all relevant information or figures.


Capital Gains Tax Property calculator     Stamp Duty Land Tax calculator

Note: These links take you to the HMRC calculators which give basic calculations.


Owning property can be an exciting and profitable activity. However there are many pitfalls and regulations that you need to be aware of and not everything is as straightforward as it my initially seem.

Please use the helpsheets as a resource to guide you through the potential minefield. We produce a new helpsheet every month.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Stewart & Partners Property Group and helping you grow your property business.

There are 2 main reasons to hold property: Property Investment or Property Development.

Property Investment can be divided into buy-to-let investment where property is purchased to provide a stream of income into the future or just straight investment where the income stream is secondary to the investment potential of holding the property for its investment potential.

Property Development is the purchase of property to refurbish and develop the site prior to selling in the relatively short term.

The tax treatment for each type of ownership is different.


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