We believe that our fees should be transparent and clear and we are happy to discuss with you a fixed annual fee for the services that we provide and the level of fee would depend upon how many of our large range of services you decide to utilise.

We recommend payment of fixed fees by monthly standing order or direct debit, in which case a monthly invoice will be issued which would cover the monthly payment. 

Additional services outside of the agreed work would be billed separately.  We believe that this gives a better cash flow for both our clients and ourselves and is the preferred way for fees to be paid.

However, we are happy to invoice annually, or at the completion of each particular assignment, in the more traditional manner.

Alternatively, we can combine the two and part of the fees can be paid by monthly standing order or direct debit, with a balancing amount to be paid each year.

We are flexible with regard to payment and therefore are able to fit in with your needs and requirements.

In order to set up a direct debit just click on the GoCardless link below, fill in some basic information and we will do the rest.


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